We are thrilled to be celebrating the Detroit Class of 2021's major milestone: graduating high school. It is not just an achievement, but a send off to your futures.


To highlight your path after high school, whether that is college, trade school, or career program, we are collecting video submissions to be featured in a Detroit Decision Day Announcement Compilation. Every student who submits a video will receive a $20 gift card to Amazon. 

Before submission, students must read the document linked below with video submission requirements or the video may not be eligible to be featured.

Video Examples:

Directions to submit a video:

  1. Go to wetransfer.com. Locate the form submission on the left side of the screen.

  2. Click the blue plus (+) sign, and add your video

  3. In "email to" type in "info@detroitcan.org"

  4. Add your email address, and in the message put your name and high school. 

  5. Click Transfer and you are done! 

Screen Shot 2021-04-12 at 1.44.50 PM.png
The final video reveal will be released to the Detroit community on May 7th.
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To read more about College Decision/Signing day: visit this webpage.
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Decisión universitaria / Día de firma