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Recursos y apoyos para estudiantes

¡DCAN ha lanzado una variedad de recursos para ayudarlo !

Estos son los servicios que ofrecemos:

  • Citas de asesoramiento 1 a 1,

  • Asistencia para completar la FAFSA 1 a 1

  • Talleres de preparación para la universidad

  • Herramienta College Match

  • Lista de becas

  • Boletín para estudiantes

Si tiene preguntas sobre el apoyo a los estudiantes, comuníquese con


the College Fit Project (1) (3).png

Project Steps

The College “Fit” Project will have 3 steps: 

  1. What’s Important to Me: You will select your top 10 wants from the list that are most important to you when selecting your college pathway.

  2. College Match Tool: You will use the Detroit College Match website tool to identify a school list based on your academic credentials. 

  3. My Top Schools List: You will use the College Match List and identify the top 4 match, reach, and safety schools respectively (12 schools total) that have the support in place for the items identified as “Most Important to Me”. This requires some research into the school. If you are looking for a school with a certain major, you should visit the websites to make sure they have what you are looking for before adding them to your list. 





This project begins January 10, 2022 and ends May 1, 2022. 

College Fit Leaderboard

Here you will find the College Fit Project Leaderboard. Schools with the highest participation will win up to $800. Check back soon for updates. The leaderboard will be updated every two weeks.

Developing K.I.D.S

East English Village

Hope of Detroit




The School at Marygrove

Women of Tomorrow

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